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Humblewood Campaign

Humblewood is my first big tabletop roleplaying campaign as a GM. It uses the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons and the fan-made universe, Humblewood.


Flipping through the universe, which is classic fantasy with anthropomorphic animals, what struck me was the great social inequality between birds and mammals. Indeed, religion is based on birds, power is based on birds and the school of magic itself is practically inaccessible without wings. So, I decided to make a campaign that would address this problem in the universe.


As this is a campaign made during the lockdown with my roomate, it is a solo campaign built around the player character. My player decided to make his character a mammalian policeman, a converted mercenary. So, he would be the head of the only police station in the Roots, the district at the very bottom of the capital, a big tree. This place is abandoned by the world above and the inhabitants manage as best they can, sometimes getting caught up in criminal stories.


The player will have to juggle between the arrival of a new drug, the investigation following the murder of one of the big tree's councilors (and of which one of his colleagues will be accused) and his brother, leader of a political party that has sometimes been violent in the past, who is fighting for a better consideration of the Roots.


So, we have a traditional fantasy campaign with many urban fantasy codes and modern, realistic themes.

This was the first time I worked so much on the themes of a story, which gives it, despite some flaws, a realistic and credible aspect.

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