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Discover the mer in the middle of all queen Ayrenn’s concerns. At the edge between myth and reality, the Sorcerer-King Orgnum, tropical elves’ leader, is a mystery which is up to you to decrypt.

« Research report concerning Pyandonea: 

Your Majesty,

As you wished, I present to you the results of my research at the College of Sapiarchs about the isle-continent of Pyandonea.

I regret to announce to you that they weren’t very fructuous and I don’t think I can tell you much more than you already knew. 

In fact, the most detailed mentions of the isle were also the most recent, reported by the fleet of your late father, His Majesty King Hidellith. 

Thus, we only have a vague idea of its geography that we could describe as an archipelago covered with sand beaches and jungles.

However, I might have some useful information about the Sorcerer-King Orgnum. As you may know, the Maormers pledge to him blind loyalty and some even consider him as the Snake-God Satakal himself. Note that it is a god of creation mostly present in the redguard mythology. 

This is obviously false. If we trust our ancient texts, he could be a very rich Aldmer noble who has funded a rebellion against the power. He obviously failed, or we wouldn’t be here, and was banned from Aldmeris with his followers. It might be the origin of their hatred towards us.  

We can suppose that his past as a merchant is at the origin of his supposedly surnatural charm. If it is true, we can also deduce that he is an ambitious, intelligent, patient and methodic man. I advise you not to underestimate him. He had a long enough life to learn from his mistakes. 

On this matter, his immortality and his peculiar power are, for them, absolutely real. It is even said that he seems to rejuvenate. However, I haven’t found any clue concerning their origin. A pact with a divinity, maybe this famous Snake-God, seems a reasonable hypothesis but nothing allows me to affirm it. 

Allow me to conclude by suggesting you the utmost caution during your discussions, we ignore what are the real intents of this snake.

I hope this will be useful to you in some way.

- Battlereeve Urcelmo »

You will meet the Sorcerer-King in the upcoming Pyandonea Chapter. Do you look forward to this meeting ? Will he be an ally or an enemy ? What is he hiding from queen Ayrenn ? You will shortly be able to answer all these questions!

Next opus from The Call of the Sea, our year-long saga, The Elder Scrolls Online : Pyandonea will be released on June 6 for PC/Mac and June 21 for Xbox One, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 et PlayStation. Pre-order Pyandonea now to receive unique bonus rewards!


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