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Julia Bourdin


Trick O' Treat

Trick O' Treat is a Zelda-like project done during my second year at Rubika. We were 3 Game Artists and 3 Game Designers. Being the most experienced of the team regarding Unity and programming, I programmed a large part of the game and was in charge of the integration of graphic assets requiring additional code. 






On this project, I took a big step away from game design to deal with the programming of the game. It was particular because I was alone to do a lot of work and I had a particular power, an absolute veto right on what was feasible or not in terms of time and especially because of my own abilities, because anyway I was the only one who could do it in the group.

To compensate for this, I tried each time to find the simplest solution such as using a Pathfinding solution rather than creating my own. So, there are probably some optimization issues and some code that is a bit shaky, but the idea was that it should work and above all that it should be adaptable to the needs, especially graphical ones, I always had in mind the fact that the code should be flexible enough to add the desired feedbacks.

Even if it was hard and the technical part of our domain does not necessarily interest me, I learned a lot. This experience will allow me to be able to prototype myself if needed, to be able to program small games on my own if I want to, but most of all to have a better idea of what a programmer's job is, which is beneficial for communicating with them.

The team:




Julia Bourdin

Léa Meynet


Marie Cordier


Linh Lacoste

Lazuli Combes


Raphael Pelletier

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