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Kiki's Delivery Service

Initially we had to design an adaptation for the movie Kiki’s Delivery Service into a video game. We had to provide a scenario, an introduction to the characters and places, gameplay, and a lot of other details. We had chosen this work with the idea of making a sequel for example. Then we were asked to make a faithful or enhanced adaptation, depending on the story of the film. So, we had to adapt to meet the expectations of the project.

Since our game was aimed at young adults who were nostalgic and children who could identify with Kiki, our target medium was the Nintendo Switch.





While I don't particularly like the movie Kiki the Little Witch, I am satisfied with the result we achieved. In its gameplay as in its story, the game keeps its "accessible even to the youngest" aspect and above all "relaxation and nostalgia", our initial intentions.

The team:

GD :

GP :

Toinon Robaux


Joris Cormy

Ambre Cogné


Alizée Remazeilles


Lazuli Combes


Julia Bourdin

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