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Photo project: The red planet

For one day I had to imagine a game concept inspired by the photos of Michal Karcz, who always incorporates a photoshopped element to his photos. They reminded me of those desert planets you sometimes see in science fiction series like Stargate or Star Trek.

The planet on which our little crew is going to land after detecting water, Orcus 1287 b, seems dead and inhospitable. The days are long and hot. The surface looks like Mars.  So why did the ship detect water? The captain of the expedition decides to set off on a long and perilous exploration of the planet... He will have to survive against the elements but also against strange creatures made of a malleable material, both organic and metallic. A material he calls the exofluid.

The planet turns out to be less dead than he thought. Much less dead... And he is not at the end of his surprises and discoveries concerning the secrets of Orcus 1287 b.

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