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Julia Bourdin

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Status: Unknown

Status: Unknown is a sci-fi hack'n'slash game. Heavily inspired by Diablo and other games in the genre, its originality is based on the absence of classes, replaced by a complex equipment customisation system. We are a team of 12: 3 game designers, 5 game artists and 4 game programmers. We are also working with externs for sounds, music and voices. 


The project is currently in production until the end of June 2024.







The team:




Benjamin Nossin

Anthime Roux

Eliott Chauchard

Louis Accard 

Jeanne Romestant 

Thomas Aurand

Mathieu Michon

Marie Cordier

Antoine Stromboni

Félix Courtemanche

Lazuli Combes

Julia Bourdin

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