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Julia Bourdin

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Who am I ?

Hello! I'm Julia, a French game design student, currently in her 5th year at Rubika. I discovered this path quite late in my schooling, but I was immediately attracted to it. Indeed, it gathered most of my passions and what I dreamed of doing: video games and writing of course, but also the possibility to make someone experience a story, a universe, to immerse them completely.

 On this page, you will be able to discover the projects I had the chance to do during my schooling and outside and what they taught me. At the beginning, I tried to touch everything to know what I liked and so I acquired a certain versatility, but I especially ended up developing a great affection for narrative design and for live-ops design, working on existing games or licenses.

 Today, I'm looking forward to discovering the industry with professionals to learn their methods and improve myself.


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Professional experiences


For just over two months, I worked on Suite Studio's new project: designing escape games. It was an enriching experience both in game design and storytelling.

For one summer, I was able to work for the online newspaper GamAlive which talks about and tests video games, movies, literature, and pop culture in general.


For one month, I worked for the escape game La Prophétie des Horloges. I helped with the management of the rooms but also designed a tabletop game.

Graduation Project 

Project concluding my master's degree

copie de copie de statustitreavectitre

One year to make a vertical slice in a team of 12. Status: Unknown is a sci-fi hack'n'slash in which you can tinker your equipment and so, your entire playstyle. At the beginning, it was my concept and I was lucky enough to see it selected.

My contribution :

The initial concept

Development of the universe

Writing of the storyline and side quests

3C design

UI design

Some work on the UX (onboarding, HUB, etc.)

Proof of Concept

Project closing my first 3 years of study

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In order to highlight my interest in live-ops and narrative design, I chose to design an extension for the MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online. You can find pages of websites imitating the presentation of the extension to potential buyers: characters, scenario, places, and gameplay...

Key points :
 A project very much involved in the narrative

As close to the lore and intentions of TES as possible

A complete documentation with characters, quests, skill line, equipment sets, detailed map and more...
 A website presenting the expansion based on the original


Games made over school semesters in groups

mochi mohi titre

A difficult and nervous boss rush on PC

A cooking and management simulation game on mobile

My contribution:

Writing the script and characters

Writing and implementation of dialogues

Design and implementation of a boss 

Documentation writing and maintenance

UI research

My contribution:
 A GDD to think and produce quickly

A large amount of system design to manage progression

Easy to learn mini-games

A very difficult UI to manage because of the support

Management of a team of 7

The marketing


A Zelda-like game on PC featuring a little girl on Halloween night

My contribution:
Lead Programmer in C# and responsible for the graphic integration

Dialogue and quest system

Controller and AI of the monsters, including the boss

Management of the items and the in-game shop

Scene change management

Writing documentation for GD tools

School projects

School projects that had an impact on me


In teams of 3, we had to make a Risk game based on the TV series of our choice. We chose Stranger Things and made the documentation presenting the interest of the series, the gameplay, the board, and a typical turn.

As a team, we had to make the documentation to adapt a movie faithfully into a video game. We chose to make a life simulation game and deliveries on Kiki’s Delivery Service dedicated to the Switch.

My contribution:

Contextualization and analysis of the license

The monster faction playable by all

Special monsters, a threat managed by the system

The concrete implementation of the hero system imagined by a teammate

My contribution:

Presentation and contextualization of the license.

Scenario and quest of sequence 0, the tutorial

Ideas for additional content

Research of references for the art direction

Proofreading and correction of the final document


We had to do a genre analysis. I chose Hack 'n Slash but after researching and discovering that this genre was divided into two sub-genres I chose to look specifically at Diablo-likes.

We had to imagine and document an Assassin's Creed game in a small group. We chose to make one set during the Spanish Civil War.

Key points:
Gameplay analysis of a corpus of 18 games

List of key elements

History of the genre
Analysis of Minecraft Dungeons' place in the genre

My contribution:
 Historical research

Addition of famous characters

Development of the relationships between the characters


Ideas for additional content 



For one day we had to imagine a game concept inspired by Michal Karcz's photos.

Key points:
A game of survival and space exploration

Horrific biological elements

Plot twist on the origin of the latter

Personal projects

What I do outside of class


A heroic fantasy campaign with the HERO System. Inspired by the Birthright universe for Dungeons and Dragons, it proposes to my players, adventurers, to become nobles and to rally the neighbouring countries one by one to become powerful leaders.

As I no longer have the opportunity to write novels, I sometimes write a few short stories. This one, my most accomplished, tells the childhood of Dahlia, a character I play in an RPG campaign.


A campaign set in the Humblewood universe. The player of this campaign plays a policeman, the head of the only police station in the Roots, the district at the bottom of the big tree that serves as the capital. This politically neglected area has many problems, including a high crime rate.



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